[HTML][JS] Input + datalist with validation instead of selects

Last time I implemented something like mix of select and input fields. User can type name, but should value in field should be from defined group. It should not only provide selection dropdown menu, but also suggestions during typing. There are a lot of ready solutions, but I decided to use native HTML5 tag – datelist. It’s very nice, so I decided to describe its and some issues with browsers.

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From Android to iOS – few months later

I used to use Android and it was so for many years and many different devices. In most cases it was something from Nexus series: Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 or Nexus 5. Why? Because software has been delivered directly from Google, with instant updates without other companies additional layers and many unnecessary applications. But last year, last fall I decided to change everything… and replaced Android phone to iPhone 7. I also replaced Android tablet to iPad Mini 4 two months later. What can I say after few months with iOS? Is this system better, or worst than Android? Can I do the same things faster, or slower? I can explain my experiences and invite you to comment and describe yours.

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PHP/Mongo – Nested set model

Last time I created some structure for linking different elements from similar groups. This project needed high performance and easy way to get elements hierarchy, but changes are not often. After consideration I decided to implement nested set tree model to do this. All is based on PHP and use Mongo database and I would like to show you some basis operations with that. It can be helful in some cases, and that model is very efficient in read operations.

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Seagate Expansion Desktop 2 TB – review

This post is about my new external hard drive from Seagate. I’m not a big fan of hard disk drives and prefer solid state solutions, but I can’t ignore HDD advantages. That devices are much cheaper and offer more storage than SSD. Storage was built very important for me because I was looking for something for backup in Time Machine and archive rarely used data. For that needs, external drives are great.

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Experiment: I will use to-do app instead of paper

I decided to start “strange experiment” starting next week. I used to create to-do list every day for next day – nothing special, nothing complicated, but very helpful and efficient, for me. But this method has a lot of disadvantages and I will try change paper to application on my phone, tablet and notebook. It will be not first time when I try this, but this time I want to do it differently. What method of to-do list do you prefer? Paper, electronic notes and apps, or maybe nothing?

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