TickTick – tasks manager review


I don’t write software reviews often. It’s because I wrote a lot of reviews few years ago, when I worked in IT news websites as editor. Now have a lot of other things to do, but sometimes want to do an exception, because some software is worth to spend time for review. Good example is TickTick, “hero” of this post: small, but very nice app to manage tasks. I’ve used it for about a year and think, I can now write some words about it, also think it’s a good topic, because many people try to manage time, manage tasks and calendars, and there are a lot of similar tools. I’m minimalist and don’t need a lot of options, like asceticism and simplicity. You can find them on TickTick. One important information: it isn’t sponsored article, it’s my personal review.

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Moving from Evernote to Google Documents


For about four, or maybe five years, I changed my note app may times. Sometimes it was Microsoft OneNote, sometimes Evernote, and sometimes (but not so often) Google Keep. Last time I decided, that I have to move all notes into one place, and must select the best option for my requirements. Evernote was so close, but… I really don’t want to pay for just notes, without using any special features. Also, paying for data transfer in 2019 is… not fun. But Evernote was so great because of nice hierarchy, and very nice apps: I used to use desktop version, but when they add new web version, decided to move only into it. This time was different, because after some investigation I decided to move all notes to… Google Drive and Google Documents.

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Mac and MacOS limitations


MacBook and MacOS it’s something different from Windows. I use Mac for almost four years and I decided to write this post – I’m satisfied with this hardware and software, but can’t not say something about some stupid solutions, stupid issues in Apple products. Some of them can ruin daily usage, some of them decided, that Macs can’t compete with much cheaper notebooks with Windows of Linux – everything because of limitations. If you are not real Apple “follower”, just read. I think much information from this post are not as popular, as their should be – you will not warn before buying Mac, so.. it may be great chance to avoid expensive and bad shopping.

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