Experiment: no web browser and mail client on smartphone


I really like books about psychology, about human behavior researches and the impact of technical innovations on our lifes. Similar to other people, I use computer and smartphone, but also like make small “experiments” with them. The newest one is I think the most interesting one: I decided to remove two “core” apps from my smartphone. Web browser and mail client. Yes, these two apps. Why? Because I work remotely, I work as a software developer and I use computer almost all day. It’s stupid to move from computer to… use them same things, but on smartphone. I’ve already disabled all notifications, I really like minimalism, but this is something new for me.

I will write more information about that experiment in next posts and inform you, about progresses and advantages/drawbacks of that solution. I started… almost week ago. Yeah, it was supposed to be very small test for few days, but during it, I decided to extend that period to… probably indefinite. I see too many benefits for such small change, but will write about them on next posts, stay tuned and write, what do you think about that idea!

Yoga – simple, with many benefits


In early summer I wrote a post about running. In that post I mentioned many injuries, and they gave me chance to gain new knowledge. Because of running, I started training yoga. First time during my trip to the USA, then few months off and then I joined to gym club and yoga exercises. Now I’m after more than half a year with yoga in my life, once or twice times per week and I can describe benefits that gives me this activity. Just now I can say: I really recommend anyone to try yoga. It’s amazing, how can it help in many completely different areas.

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Panaracer Gravelking slick review

Panaracer Gravelking

I’ve already wrote two posts about Panaracer tires: first about Gravelking AC/Mud version, good for all round, with nice grip and good speed; second about Gravelking SK which is very fast gravel tire for dry conditions and also so fast on tarmac. This post is about their third model: Gravelking (slick). Yes, without any add-on in name. Is is good tire? Is it fast, what about grip?

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Panaracer Gravelking SS – review

Gravelking SS - review

If you read my blog regularly, you know, that I test a lot of gravel tires. In last year I tested few different models like Continental Terra SpeedGravelkings AC/Mud or Gravelkings SK in the past. I tested also other tires but didn’t write reviews yet. Why I make such tests? Because I still looking for best tire for me: for gravel of course and with enough grip in forest paths, but also fast, not very wide, well accelerated on tarmac. Something universal, but for amateur sport and speed instead of slow recreation – I like slow rides, but… it’s not time for that yet. I wrote that I’m looking for, but probably it’s not true, because… I found such tires?

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Laravel – sort collection, JSON returns object

Sorting is very common operation in many languages and a lot of data. Of course the best way is to sort on database, because it’s created for such operations, but sometimes I work with smaller parts of data and do that on API server side. Since when I’ve used Laravel, I often use Collections instead of arrays – they methods are very clean, simple and offer a lot of possibilities. I also often sort collections before outputting them as, for example JSON – natural sorting is more than useful in so many cases. But there is one important thing: if you have associative array (or collection) and use sorting, you client will not receive valid array, but object. This short post will show you, how to deal with it.

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