Mac and MacOS limitations


MacBook and MacOS it’s something different from Windows. I use Mac for almost four years and I decided to write this post – I’m satisfied with this hardware and software, but can’t not say something about some stupid solutions, stupid issues in Apple products. Some of them can ruin daily usage, some of them decided, that Macs can’t compete with much cheaper notebooks with Windows of Linux – everything because of limitations. If you are not real Apple “follower”, just read. I think much information from this post are not as popular, as their should be – you will not warn before buying Mac, so.. it may be great chance to avoid expensive and bad shopping.

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Logitech M590 review – good mouse for office usage

Last autumn I must change my computer mouse – old was broken, slow and often recognize one click as twice. Looking for new mice was very difficult, because I have very precise requirements. My computer mouse should be created for office work, should be wireless, should have good battery life and also comfortable. I checked market and there were only few possible options. One of them was Logitech Anywhere MX 2, but I decided to use other Logitech product – M590. Why? Please check this quick review after more than half a year.

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Garmin Vivoactive – Review

Many sport people say: no matter with what device you start with, but you finish with Garmin. And I think it’s true. Last time I decided to replaced my phone by sport tracking device. After some searches I found that the best option for me is Garmin Vivoactive. Now I can write short review and describe my experiences for about month of workouts and one MTB race. TL;DR: No, it isn’t ideal device, but much better than using phone or strange and complicated software for Android.

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Seagate Expansion Desktop 2 TB – review

This post is about my new external hard drive from Seagate. I’m not a big fan of hard disk drives and prefer solid state solutions, but I can’t ignore HDD advantages. That devices are much cheaper and offer more storage than SSD. Storage was built very important for me because I was looking for something for backup in Time Machine and archive rarely used data. For that needs, external drives are great.

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eGPU – laptop + GF GTX 770

Nadszedł czas aby umieścić na blogu kolejny wpis, o którym wspominałem jakiś czas temu i który do tej pory żył własnym życiem w czeluściach mojego dysku. Tym razem chciałbym się podzielić ideą eGPU, czyli zewnętrzną karta graficzną podłączaną do laptopa. Pomysł taki może wydawać się absurdalny, ale jak najbardziej jest możliwy do zrealizowania i może dać ciekawe rezultaty.

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