Stop procrastination with StayFocusd

Concentration is not an easy art and sometimes causes a lot of problems. This is especially noticeable visible during remote work, where we decide what and when we do it. Sometimes work is big and we looking for… something else. One moment on Facebook, one moment on YouTube, maybe we check news on Twitter and buy something on eBay? Yes, we know that – it’s a problem of procrastination. We can do anything, but not what we should. How can we deal with it? There is one, nice extension for browser called StayFocusd. And it works.

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Paper vs to-do’s app – results and conclusion

In the middle of March I wrote about notes and to-do lists. I was considering what is better option: to use paper notes, or maybe to-do applications or my computer and other devices. Choice was difficult, because all possible solutions have advantages and disadvantages. After almost three months of this experiment, many fails and attempts I can say (TL;DR): yes, it’s possible to use apps instead of paper and it can be very efficient way to organize life and work.

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Experiment: I will use to-do app instead of paper

I decided to start “strange experiment” starting next week. I used to create to-do list every day for next day – nothing special, nothing complicated, but very helpful and efficient, for me. But this method has a lot of disadvantages and I will try change paper to application on my phone, tablet and notebook. It will be not first time when I try this, but this time I want to do it differently. What method of to-do list do you prefer? Paper, electronic notes and apps, or maybe nothing?

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Fix: perl: warning: Setting locale failed

If you use OS X you can disover strange issue while connecting other machines through SSH (ex. Ubuntu Servers). It’s information about problems with load locales: perl: warning: Setting locale failed. It isn’t your server fault, but OS X default settings used in user session and profile. You can easily fix that issue editing profile file or for example ZSH config file.

Just edit ~/.profile and add that lines on the end:

After that close terminal and open it again (ZSH) or just re-login to system. You can of course use other locales, specific to your system language and region settings.

Fix – Play/Next/Prev buttons don’t work on OS X

I discovered last time, that Play / Pause / Next / Prev buttons from keyboard doesn’t work on my MacBook and OS X. Normally, the click of play button opens the iTunes or play/pause songs. It suddenly stopped working and I didn’t know why. The issue was Google Play Music – extension for Google Chrome browser to use service with the same name, upload music etc.

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