New Page: My Books

I’ve just added a new subpage called “My Books“.

So far it has only one position, but it is available for free.

In the future, I plan to extend that. I have many ideas for books, only one limitation is time, but nothing is impossible

Book Review: Chop Wood Carry Water

I recently read the book “Chop Wood Carry Water” by Joshua Medcalf and would like to share my impressions of it because I think it will… it already started to change my mindset and life. It is very difficult to describe in a few sentences what this book is, so I decided to describe a little from my observations — also to consolidate knowledge for myself. It is a story about a man who wanted to become an archer, who went a long way full of important life lessons — all of which changed him a lot. This book is divided into many small chapters: all are connected, but each is also a bit separate story with another lesson, moral. Reading this book is wonderfully comfortable, because chapters are small enough to find even a few minutes every day to immerse yourself in reading and then in reflection.

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