Read in Q4 2023

I decided to share some info about books I read – I will publish such a post every quarter and list all books with some summary info. It will include not only books, but also audiobooks, but always with clear info, what medium I used.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way

By Robert Maurer

Do you know why momentous changes often fail? Why don’t we keep our New Year’s resolutions? It’s because they are too big and we as a human begins are not prepared for them, it enables “fight-or-flee” response in our minds. But there is a method to bypass this: small steps. I like this idea because it is more like a process instead of goals. This book includes many important guides how to use small steps in often situations to improve our lives – I’ve already tried this approach and can recommend Kaizen

Glucose Revolution

by Jessie Inchauspé

Book I found totally accidentally in December, but for sure, one of the most important books in this year. Why? I know a lot about nutrition, about how important food is, but this book gave me new perspective for some items. I have been experiencing fatigue for some time and have noticed that I reach for sweet more often. I “blamed” this on various events in my personal life, as well as high stress at work. Thanks to this book I’ve understood reasons can be different and I have decided to make some small changes in my life (Kaizen!) to maybe make it much better

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

by Ken Blanchard, William Oncken Jr., Hal Burrows

Do you sometimes feel you have too much to do, you need to help a lot of people and you cannot handle your own job? If yes, this book is definitely for you: it describes such situation and solutions with great examples. In short version, it describes how to delegate work properly, but such explanation is not enough, because tips there can be used also in different situations, also not only in work. For me as a team lead, it was super helpful. The book was published in 1999, but it is still 100% valid and very helpful, even if we talk about remove work

Where Eagles Dare

By Alistair MacLean

Listened as audiobook – great fiction book about special operation during World War II. US General responsible for operation Overlord is intercepted by Germans while flying over Bavaria. The opening of the second front is in question, so allies decided to prepare rescue action and sent group of commandos to free the general. Nothing is simple, nothing is clear. This book is full of action, sudden twists and turns

Meditations: Marcus Aurelius

By Marus Aurelius

Audiobook listened two times in last quarter, and I think I will listen to it few times more. These personal writings created by Marcus Aurelius, one of the most appreciated Roman emperors are an excellent lesson in stoicism. It is just a list of rules we should follow in life. Simple, but deep and valuable, though we are almost two thousand years away from his time. I can say, it is one of the best books I have even read. You are not interested in stoic? No problem, I can still recommend it, because it is huge knowledge

The Art of War

by Sun Tzu

This book probably needs no introduction. It is timeless, it is not only about the military, but also about negotiations, marketing or running your own business. So far listened as audiobook, but for sure I will also read it because want to stop in some places and make really useful notes

The Hunger Games (three books)

By Suzanne Collins

I knew movie and watched it before, but never had opportunity to read book. After watching prequel released this year, I have decided to try book and bought first audiobook… Then second… So it is enough recommendation, I think. As in a lot of similar situations, book is much better than movie – it was not possible to tell a story the same way, because movie is not in first perspective. During watching movie, we are observer, in book, we are Katniss Everdeen and we feel everything

Sens życia według upadłego anioła

By Tadeusz Meszko

Listened as audiobook – polish book, English title will be something like “The meaning of life according to a fallen angel“. Who is fallen angel? Teenager, who loves to play slot machines and lives in a small, hermetic community in a not fully understood machine. In reality it’s a… spaceship with very important mission. The problem is: most of the crew doesn’t even realize it. Protagonist decided to find meaning of life and we start this crazy journey with him. The book seems light, youthful, but in my opinion, it carries a very deep message