Schwalbe X-One 700x33c Tubeless tyres – small review

I use my CX bike everywhere – one time with road wheelset and like road bike, second time with “terrain” wheelset and as gravel, in forest, meadows and fields. Very difficult things with this second adoption are tires. It isn’t mountain bike with front damper, with very wide tires. Our body, our arms are responsible for taking strokes. There is also traction problem – we must use tires, which will be good in all conditions in which we cycle. And we can’t use MTB tires in gravel or CX bikes, there is not enough space for that. The choice is not easy, but I decided to write small review of tires which I use.

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Why road bike is better than MTB – few arguments

I decided to write about this, very irritable topic – what is better, road bike or MTB? After few years and riding on different bikes, I think road bike is much, much better. Remember, that it’s only my opinion and you can have completely different – everyone has their own point of view. I did not try to be objective, but I have some arguments to say that road bikes are better. Why? Just read rest of this post.

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