Crud Roadracer mk3 mudguards – Quick review

The real tough guys do not use mudguards in the bike, right? It’s not true. If we go for sport, of course they will be disturbed, but in many cases they are a rescue not only for us, cyclists but also for our equipment. Riding in the mud is not pleasant, just like spending time mainly cleaning the bike instead of actual riding. In the autumn, I decided to fight with bad weather and bought a mudguards set – Roadracer mk3 from Cud. The choice was not easy, because I use cyclocross bike, so assembly would not be the easiest, and the range of tires used was quite wide. After all, I think it was great solution.

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Daveo custom-made CX wheels – review

My cyclocross bike has been equipped with Shimano WH-RX05 wheels. Nice and comfort set for wide range of usage. But… I decided to buy new set and chose Daveo – polish company, that creates custom-made wheels sets. New wheels use DT Swiss parts. I have tested them for about last two thousand kilometers and I think it’s time to share my experiences. Short version is: yes, I can recommend custom-made wheels, they are worth the money and Daveo has made great job. Need details? Let’s read!

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Cyclocross bike as road bike

As promised, I decided to share my impressions of how a cyclocross bicycle works instead of a road bike. I used two separate bikes about three months ago: MTB and “classic” road bike. But it’s history, there is now only one, cyclocross bike and I must fit it to my current activity. It’s time to few words after more than two thausand kilometers. Can cyclocross bike replace road bike?

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