Why road bike is better than MTB – few arguments

I decided to write about this, very irritable topic – what is better, road bike or MTB? After few years and riding on different bikes, I think road bike is much, much better. Remember, that it’s only my opinion and you can have completely different – everyone has their own point of view. I did not try to be objective, but I have some arguments to say that road bikes are better. Why? Just read rest of this post.

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Sport is a kind of magic

This week, something amazing happened and I decided to share my impressions. I can hardly believe it, as if it did not really happen, but it happens. I go back in time to high school – running for one kilometer and I can not run half of this distance, I have enough and so much more I go than running. One day of this week Iwaited for good weather.. and waited… and waited.  and finally I went running in small a little drizzle. And I kept running, without stopping for two hours, I ran a half marathon, that is twenty times as much as I could not in the school.

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Cyclocross crankset can be better than road crankset

It’s autumn, winter is coming. As a result, I decided to change my 50/34T crankset to cyclocross 46/36T. This change does not seem too great, but it really makes a huge difference. I decided to describe a few of them, because perhaps for someone it may be very important. Primarily with road bike – in my opinion, it’s… better choice for amateurs than standard road cranksets. If the weather allowed, then I was riding on the asphalt with that CX crankset. So what do we gain by changing the road crank (standard 53/39, compact 50/34 or other variants) to cyclocross?

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