300 km trip – it was amazing

Amazing, awesome, beautiful, wonderful… I don’t know better words for this trip. I decided to try 300 km in one day, and I did it. I planned to ride in about 25 km/h average speed, but made this faster – about 27,7 km/h (net time). Started five in the morning. Weather was good, everything was amazing and I still go back to many moments from this trip. Saw several new cities and towns, a lot of calm places. This trip was also a great learning – about my body, about preparing, about issues and possible problems. First time, but not last. Now I can only plan longer trips :)

Endomondo vs Strava

During riding a bike, running or other activities you probably register them – to get know your own records, to know route, or just to count kilometers, because people like numbers :) The easiest way is to use phone (because each of us have one) and one of many possible applications. The most common choice is probably Endomondo, but this is not the only possible choice. Strava is also noteworthy and I would like to compare both applications in this post, show their advantages and disadvantages, which I have observed over few years. In the beggining we can say, Strava is an application that was created primarily for fans of two wheels.

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II Rajd na Ślężę – too hot, too little water

It wasn’t race… but a lot of participants rode very, very fast. Route from Lubin to Ślęża mountain had about 85 kilometers… in straight line. We could choose the route ourselves, but we had to complete few checkpoints. My route had about 115 kilometers and additional 2-3 kilometers in Ślęża (about 660 m elevation during ride + 350 m during walking). It was impossible for me to ride to the top of the mountain on my bike (46/34 + 11-28T) after that route. It was fast… very fast with a lot of wind and hot. I also made a simple mistake: too little water during ride… and felt it at the end. The most terrible “collapse” I ever felt. But… I was the second and it’s nice!

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