Why you should use Cloudflare

Yes, I know, this blog post title looks like ad. But it isn’t ad, because I use only Cloudflare free version and don’t have any contact with this company (excluding support for services). I decided to write this post, because I’ve used Cloudflare for many years and I’m very happy – please treat this like small review, and also maybe “tutorial”, how you can make your websites faster, provide better security and remove spam. Installation is very easy and you can also use free SSL – it can be great alternative to Let’s Encrypt. Let’s see, what Cloudflare offers.

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Nconf – simple, great solution for Node.js app configuration

When I started work with Node.js and Express, I was looking for something to store my app settings. Something like env files in many PHP frameworks – central place for configuration, not stored in repository, but only for example when we run app in development or production environment. We can write custom code for that, or use some modules from npm, also directly for env files. Nuxt package also has dedicated env file module. These modules are great, but there is something much, much better – nconf.

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Run Node.js app on Ubuntu Server using pm2

I work with Node.js and some other JavaScript technologies in last months. One important think is – how run ready application on production server? It wasn’t easy question, because earlier I used only development mode in IDE (with automatic rebuild and generation in background). After some research I found pm2 – great package to run Node.js application in background. With that manager we can start, stop or restart many applications. Let’s see how we can easily run Node.js app.

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Schwalbe X-One 700x33c Tubeless tyres – small review

I use my CX bike everywhere – one time with road wheelset and like road bike, second time with “terrain” wheelset and as gravel, in forest, meadows and fields. Very difficult things with this second adoption are tires. It isn’t mountain bike with front damper, with very wide tires. Our body, our arms are responsible for taking strokes. There is also traction problem – we must use tires, which will be good in all conditions in which we cycle. And we can’t use MTB tires in gravel or CX bikes, there is not enough space for that. The choice is not easy, but I decided to write small review of tires which I use.

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