PHP/Mongo – Using JOIN in queries

I’ve written one post about MongoDB and PHP about creating nested set model in this database, but there is another interesting topic: using JOINs in mongo queries. Sorry, wh… what? Joining tables in non-relational database? Yes, it’s possible and we can do this to collect much more data in only one, but more complicated query. Let’s start to see how we can achieve this.

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Zend Framework – create custom controller plugin

Few weekes ago I wrote about custom view plugins in Zend Framework. It’s great solution to separate and re-use code for our templates, build simple functions for menus, thumbnails etc. But… what about similar situation in controller? Yes, it’s possible to use view helpers in controllers, but it isn’t good. Creating controller plugin is much better option and we can do that in Zend Framework. Let’s try.

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