JavaScript – this keyword usage and binding

JavaScript is very elastic and popular language, but many things may be “strange” if we used soemthing else before. One of important things is that we create a lot of functions, callbacks and everything is asynchronous (if we don’t change this). Other important matter is “this” keyword – may be very unintuitive if we try to use it in similar way to other languages. But this keyword is very powerful and we can simplify our code using this keyword. See few examples in this post.

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Tubeless on road – Schwalbe Pro One review

Last winter I wrote post about Schwalbe X-One tubeless tyres – fantastic cyclocross tires which I used in tubeless. After that, I decided to try tubeless also on road. Because why not? I read a lot of articles, opinions and reviews of tubeless in road bike and want to check this. There are a lot of potential advantages, but what about disadvantages? Let’s start with Schwalbe Pro One tubeless road tires mini-review.

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V Bieg Papieski – 5 km

Short, but very, very intensive running in Lubin – in memory of Pope Saint John Paul II. It was the biggest running competition I’ve ever started – over 2,000 participants, a lot of people! There are a lot of singing groups that motivated us. The route was not demanding, but very fast, because a lot of participants. It was also very hard for me, because I drove about 65 gravel kilometers in the same day… It was bad idea :)

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Integrate jQuery with Vue.js

I work with many JavaScript libraries and few frameworks. Sometimes I must “merge” several scripts – not always is simple. One example is Vue.js and jQuery on the same site. It may be strange, because Vue modify and make interface reactivity, and jQuery can also modify DOM. But… in few situations I must do it – because Vue “doesn’t know” data, doesn’t know what and how modify – it can only prepare information for jQuery. Also, it isn’t problem, if we separate both things – jQuery should never touch elements from Vue. Ok, let’s start.

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