Blog future…

As you can see, there were no new posts on blog for several months. I didn’t have time to write, but had a lot of ideas for posts. But… there is important question: is it helphul for you?

I do not want to write just for writing, to make something without sense. I decided to disable comments and make some preparation to leave WordPress, because I do not like it, but this period was good to think about blog future – should I still write posts, should I share my knowledge and experiences?

It’s possible to make notes on many, many other platforms, like Google Docs, Evernote, OneNote etc. In such case, notes for example about Vue, about programming, will be only internal, only for me. Maybe it’s good, maybe not. I do not have any feedback and it’s time for you to provide it. Just send me message using that contact form – what do you thing about blog?

    Moving to 1x drivetrain

    I’ve used Planet X XLS bike for about 5 years and can say that is an amazing bike – I treat it not only as cyclocross, but also as road bike and gravel, depending on used tires. I started a few MTB races on this bike, I made my longest ride on this bike, I started using tubeless, tested a lot of different configurations… and changed a lot of things regularly. In the original specification, it was a 2x10s bike, but I changed it to 2x11s and now it is a 1x11s bike. I would like to write why I decided to move from 2×11 to 1x and why it is the best choice in my opinion. 

    Say goodbye to Google Analytics

    This time it will be really small announcement: I decided to remove Google Analytics from my blog. It allowed me to show visitors info, but in reality, I’ve never need such data. The price was high: Google was able to collect information about my visitors… Now think, it’s too big price and will not use such tool anymore, your privacy is more important than any charts in Google apps.

    Vue – Provide & Inject

    If you visit my blog regularly, you probably know, that I really like Vuex in Vue. It’s amazing tool, that allows us to solve a lot of issues with data flow, it also allows us to organize and clean code. But sometimes, Vuex is too big tool to use. For small apps, small pages, we probably do not need such “engine”. I think even in such cases, we should use it, because our app can get much bigger in the future, but for many people, it’s not necessary and maybe redundant. This post is about Provide & Inject pattern in Vue – it’s similar to Vuex in many times, but do not require any additional tools, it’s build-in into Vue core.

    It’s time to stop using Facebook

    At the end of last year, I wrote that I decided to close my Strava account and described why. In that post I mentioned that I have future plans, to also leave Facebook. After more than month I can say, it has become, and I do not use this social media anymore. I will still use it in very limited way, because it has several advantages, but nothing more. This post is about why I decided to do that and what’s wrong with social media like Facebook. You don’t need to be aware of it, but they have very negative impacts on our lives and in last months, it’s very clear visible.