Small story about and life decisions and cheese


It’s very small story based on one part of one Polish book. Imagine, that there is a local shop with thousands kinds of cheese. You are shopping in this store every day. And every fuc*** day in your life, you choose gouda cheese. Always, every time, your whole life.

Imagine, you are dying. Will you happy knowing, that every day you was secure, you made secure, proven choice? Or maybe you will regret all these, wasted days?

Few words about meditation


I have been planning this post for a long time, but there has always been something “more important”. But finally, it’s time to write about meditation. In the beginning I must said one important thing – I’m not very experienced in meditation. I tried and use several techniques, but I’m not a big source of knowledge about that. If you want to see professional opinions, professional descriptions and tricks, use good literature for that. I can only describe my feelings, my observations and what I think about mediation. It’s only my opinion, do not use it as general “rating”.

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Why I love cycling

Love cycling

I often write about cycling and similar topics like stuff reveiews. But… why? Why it’s not only developer, but also cyclist blog, why I like cycling? Answer is not simple, because there are a lot of factors. I can list only few of them – it isn’t complete list, but may be helpful to understand, why I do certain things and why I make such and no other decisions. I’m also open to your opinion and your observations – do you like cycling? Do you love this and… why this exactly?

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A few words about minimalism


One professor from my studies asked group: what’s the difference between big and small house? This question was tricky, because all answers were… bad. Ha could refute all our arguments related to big, but also to small house. Conclusion was simple: we should looking for the golden mean, something best for our needs. It was few years ago, but I still remember this question, and it’s very good option to start new topic – few words about possible advantages of minimalism in our life.

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Sport is a kind of magic

This week, something amazing happened and I decided to share my impressions. I can hardly believe it, as if it did not really happen, but it happens. I go back in time to high school – running for one kilometer and I can not run half of this distance, I have enough and so much more I go than running. One day of this week Iwaited for good weather.. and waited… and waited.  and finally I went running in small a little drizzle. And I kept running, without stopping for two hours, I ran a half marathon, that is twenty times as much as I could not in the school.

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