Paper vs to-do’s app – results and conclusion

In the middle of March I wrote about notes and to-do lists. I was considering what is better option: to use paper notes, or maybe to-do applications or my computer and other devices. Choice was difficult, because all possible solutions have advantages and disadvantages. After almost three months of this experiment, many fails and attempts I can say (TL;DR): yes, it’s possible to use apps instead of paper and it can be very efficient way to organize life and work.

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Garmin Vivoactive – Review

Many sport people say: no matter with what device you start with, but you finish with Garmin. And I think it’s true. Last time I decided to replaced my phone by sport tracking device. After some searches I found that the best option for me is Garmin Vivoactive. Now I can write short review and describe my experiences for about month of workouts and one MTB race. TL;DR: No, it isn’t ideal device, but much better than using phone or strange and complicated software for Android.

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Why I blocked comments on many websites

Last time I decided to block comments on many, many frequently vivited webistes. Block and disable from view. Why? It’s simple. I just felt tired of reading haters comments… Yes, it’s today Internet big problem, that people can’t diccuss without emotions. We can have completely different view on some topic, but for some people it’s to difficult to understand. So, I decided to significantly reduce my internet activity and take it as therapy :)

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