About blog

The story of this blog is long and full of changes. I started that project in 2008 and in the beginning wrote posts about various experiences from using computer software. I changed concept and plans for this blog many times – make it public, private, wrote only about gadgets, wrote only personal posts… I can’t count now all the changes made in the last years. At the beginning of 2017 I decided to start again, but completely different. Blog has been changed to English-only and merge to several topics. You can read my posts about:

  • software development
  • sport (running, cycling)
  • personal reflections about life dilemmas
  • philosophy
  • hardware/software reviews

What about comments?

I decided to completely disable comments. It is not a great way to discuss over the Internet, has a lot of limitations and is also time consuming for both readers, and me.

If you have any idea, want to discuss more, you can always use contact form.