Logitech M590 review – good mouse for office usage

Last autumn I must change my computer mouse – old was broken, slow and often recognize one click as twice. Looking for new mice was very difficult, because I have very precise requirements. My computer mouse should be created for office work, should be wireless, should have good battery life and also comfortable. I checked market and there were only few possible options. One of them was Logitech Anywhere MX 2, but I decided to use other Logitech product – M590. Why? Please check this quick review after more than half a year.

What was wrong with Anyhere MX2? Several things. First – it’s expensive, I think too expensive for computer mouse (Apple Magic Mouse is different and very strange) for me and my needs. Second: I had first version of Anywhere MX. Very good, but with a lot of issues with front buttons. It’s very common problem with modern mouses (for about ten or more years), not only Logitech, but also Microsoft. Logitech had replaced one of my mouse after a year, but after second year issues came back… It wasn’t normal. Third: Anywhere MX was very good for mobile usage. I use only notebook, but as desktop replacement, so there are better options. Why I decided to try M590?

First argument was silent work. Company says, that this mouse is very, very silent. And it’s true, we can use it on night without scaring our households. But with small, additional note. Logitech M590 clicks very silent only when we use it with mouse pad. On some surfaces, it can be LOUD. Yes, very loud – all depends of surface. In my computer setup it isn’t problem, so, on 99% of time, everything is great. All buttons are silent: not only main two, scroll button, but also two on left side. I like that additional buttons, because with software like Logitech Center can quickly swap between virtual desktops on my system.

Second great argument is battery life. Anywhere MX was nice – about month with two rechargeable batteries. But M590 is much, much better. It uses only one battery and in result, it’s lighter. Only one battery and it can work… about 4-5 months without charging. Maybe not declared by manufacturer (about half a year), but very close. And I use mouse a lot, so it’s great. This mouse is also very comfortable and “just works”, works fine.

Last thing, connection options. We can use Logitech Unifying wireless connection but with small USB – it’s good option, because it’s universal, and a lot of computers have standard USB ports. Second option is Bluetooth connection with compatible devices – it can consume more energy, but not requires any dongle. Of course we can hide dongle inside mouse, near the battery. We can also easily swap between this two types using small button on mouse center.

What can I say more? I think Logitech M590 it’s nice option for office usage, developer work etc. I didn’t test it on gaming, because I’m not interested in games. After few months I’m still happy with that mouse, but don’t know nothing about future – last Logitech (and also Microsoft) products show, that issues with buttons and microsticks are very possible.

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