Conditional query in Laravel Eloquent

Laravel Eloquent is very powerful and we can use it in many cases to get or filer data. One very common situation is to build query according to some statements and conditionals. The most common way to achieve that is to build id step by step: 

$onlyUnread = $request->only_unread ?? null;

$query = Article::query()->where('active', true);
if ($onlyUnread) {
    $query->where('unread', true);

$articles = $query->get();

Last time I checked some old documentation and found different method – when. It allows us to simplify that process a lot and include are conditionals and additional query steps in just one command: 

$articles = Article::query()->where('active', true)
    ->when($onlyUnread, function (Builder $query): Builder {
        return $query->where('unread', true);

It’s much cleaner than build step by step, and because we still use Builder object, we can do exactly the same things like on higher level. Of course, it may be necessary to use some additional params – of course it is not a problem, we only must send them to function inside:

$articles = Article::query()->where('active', true)
    ->when($myCondition, function (Builder $query) use ($param1, $param2): Builder {
        return $query->where('unread', true)
            ->orWhere('param1', $param1)
            ->orWhere('param2', $param2);

It is also possible to use when more than once – if you need set some steps with separate conditions, no problem. I do not know, why this is not present in current documentation, but when method is available in current Laravel version and can be used without additional steps.