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Why I love cycling

I often write about cycling and similar topics like stuff reveiews. But… why? Why it’s not only developer, but also cyclist blog, why I like cycling? Answer is not simple, because there are a lot of factors. I can list only few of them – it isn’t complete list, but may be helpful to understand, why I do certain things and why I make such and no other decisions. I’m also open to your opinion and your observations – do you like cycling? Do you love this and… why this exactly?

It’s Freedom

Cycling gives me freedom, real freedom. When I go cycling, I can clean my mind and I do not have to think about many things. Another time, it’s perfect occasion to think about some dilemmas and make important decisions. For me, cycling (when I’m alone!) is similar to meditation. It isn’t escape from problems, because we never can’t escape from problems, we must solve them. It’s a method to solve them easier, to mental rest, to feel the life, feel “present” and say “stop!” in fast life. I feel similar things during running, but not on the same level. Currently, only cycling can provide me something like this and I can’t explain why.  

Visit new places

With cycling I can visit a lot of interesting places. Bike is much faster than walking or running, so we can make great trip in only one day. I can discover interesting places not only when I’m far away from home, but also in its vicinity. We can see beautiful views during driving car, but when I was in the same places on bike, it was always a lot better – because it’s slower and we can admire details. I love cycling in mountains: hard, tiring climbs, fast and exciting descents and a lot of sightseeing. Remember: popularity of place is not the most important thing. The most important is what you feel. With bike, I can get to know unknown and not popular, beautiful surroundings.

It’s lifestyle

Cycling is not only hobby, it’s not only sport. It can be real lifestyle. You not only talk about cycling, you don’t only think about bikes and cycling. You like cycling clothes, you pay attention to how you look, you make it all “perfect”. Height of sockets makes difference, arranging of glasses make differences. And after ride, you should drink coffee… Whops, I don’t drink coffee, and on gravel rides, my clothes may be completely incoherent. Does it matter? No, because the most important is fun. In some cases, style is nice and we like this. Someone can say, that it’s stupid and unnecessary, but every hobby has its own style.

Change to meet new people

We can meet a lot of interesting people during cycling. Most of them have the same hobby and understand us every time – maybe it’s something like “illness”, maybe something else… but cyclists are very similar in cycling area. You ride on road bike, someone rides on MTB? Doesn’t matter, on real world, you will have a lot of common experiences and topics to talk. Of course people are different, but on bike, we all are “big family”. You can meet a lot of people during rides and trips, but not only cyclist – on many situations, we can meet new interesting people also during stops. It’s fantastic.

Adrenaline on races

Month before race: yeees, yeeees, yeees, I want to do this! Day before race: why I decided to do this? Before start: OMG, what am I doing here?! Maybe just go home? After start: … There are no thoughts, there are no deep feelings. There is only adrenaline and willingness to fight. After end of race: it was terrific, I’m dying, pass. Few days after race: it was incredible, it was fantastic, I want more! Yes, it’s racing. Don’t know why, but it’s amazing. Maybe endorphins, maybe because we cross our own borders? I started racing two years ago, I’m not strong player, only amateur with some ambitions and I fight only with my own weaknesses, but love this feeling.

I like cycling gadgets

As you can know from one of earlier posts, I prefer minimalism on my life. I’m not interested in gadgets… except cycling. Yes, I love cycling tech: parts to bikes, sensors, bike computers, and also clothes. I like how do they look, I like how they work, and how they sound. Started from standard bike without anything… then bought simple computer bike. After that, used phone and Endomondo to monitor activities. Then bought cadence sensor, then replace simple computer by Garmin watch, after two years replaced it by dedicated bike computer, also bought power meter… And it’s only about something optional! What about parts? I’m not able to list everything and I know, that was often overpaying or unnecessary, but… I just like this, so it’s ok.


I wrote about gadgets, I can wrote also about numbers. I like next and next kilometers on computer bike or smartphone. Longer trip = more satisfy trip. Faster ride = more satisfy ride etc. I remember when I made my 100 km first time. It was incredible feeling and breaking some mental barrier. Now preparing for my first 500 km cycling marathon. Can I do this? Yes. Will I be able to? I don’t know, but I must try. I also love kudos on strava, numbers to analyze, data to observe my progresses and my health. It’s important? Maybe not, maybe not for everyone, because it’s not necessary, but I like this a lot in cycling.