Sport is a kind of magic

This week, something amazing happened and I decided to share my impressions. I can hardly believe it, as if it did not really happen, but it happens. I go back in time to high school – running for one kilometer and I can not run half of this distance, I have enough and so much more I go than running. One day of this week Iwaited for good weather.. and waited… and waited.  and finally I went running in small a little drizzle. And I kept running, without stopping for two hours, I ran a half marathon, that is twenty times as much as I could not in the school.

Until recently I could write something like this in the context of cycling. And yes, I can still write it because I still love cycling. This year I have hitched so many places..  riding to Jelenia Gora, a lake tour around Slawa, several times Boleslawiec and surrounding castles, Żagań, a few MTB marathons, a triathlon time trail race and a road bike race. This was supposed to be just an attempt, but it was a sport year . This year I also traveled very long distances – ever over 140 kilometers in one day and with high speed, not tourist. Because I like speed, freedom and “wind in my hair”. I go back in time by three years and what do I see? Self, with almost 30 kg overweight. The person who was not happy, the person who did not use life, saw no chance in him, person who did not have many friends. Person who was the enemy of physical activity.

What happened? This is my secret, which I betray only some people. Anyway, now I can not imagine life without sport, without activity. Because it has been through the sport that huge changes have taken place in every life. After work is a great springboard, it allows you to know a lot of interesting people, and even if I do something alone, it is a perfect opportunity to sort out thoughts, lay plans, get out. For all this is such a positive fight. Not for trophies, medals, t-shirts and other details – it’s important, it can motivate, but it is not the most important. The most important thing is to fight with yourself, with weaknesses and all the times when we let ourselves know: I did, I did it! For himself. Incredibly positive, and  there are also natural drugs, endorphins.

At the end I can only say that I would recommend sport to anyone. Regardless of how much time you can spend on it and how “hard” it can be at the beginning – because it may be, but it is only a moment and after that, we only feel the positives. Yes, I also have some moments that I do not want do anything (eg “because the weather”) and then … I rest, because you should not “force” activities. But I can not overestimate how magical it sport, a physical activity, and no matter what discipline it is: it’s something that gives us incredible energy!