Experiment: I will use to-do app instead of paper

I decided to start “strange experiment” starting next week. I used to create to-do list every day for next day – nothing special, nothing complicated, but very helpful and efficient, for me. But this method has a lot of disadvantages and I will try change paper to application on my phone, tablet and notebook. It will be not first time when I try this, but this time I want to do it differently. What method of to-do list do you prefer? Paper, electronic notes and apps, or maybe nothing?

About what disadvantages did I mention before? The most important is very little flexibility: I have paper notes with one side per one day… on my desk. It isn’t big (not A4) but also isn’t small and I don’t take it when I go out somewhere. In many cases plans like to change and I can’t then note new tasks or important things. Solution? I just created mail and send to myself, and update list when back to home. It’s annoying and time-consuming. Second flaw is separation from other lists, services, calendars, contacts etc. I can merge many information, dates, places and attachments on phone or computer app. And I can’t do that with paper-based data. If is it possible, I would like to use one device to as many tasks as possible – yes, minimalism is an interesting topic for another post. Paper to-do list is completely separate, it has many advantages,  but they mean little in the face of my discomfort.

Also, creating repetitive tasks or just search for something is also slower and less convenient. But paper notes has one big, very big (huge!) advantage: it has physical dimension. We create all positions manually, subscribe to this and create a contract with ourselves. And… it just works! I create that list and now, that I must do something, because I promised myself. Is it possible to change change the way of thinking and do the same with electronic-based to-do lists? I wanna try, another time with one popular app for many platforms. It’s experiment, but I will try do this: create list every day, enable notifications for this app (yes, notifications), and mark tasks as done when they are done. Simple? Not really, but it seems to me possible to do.