Daveo custom-made CX wheels – review

My cyclocross bike has been equipped with Shimano WH-RX05 wheels. Nice and comfort set for wide range of usage. But… I decided to buy new set and chose Daveo – polish company, that creates custom-made wheels sets. New wheels use DT Swiss parts. I have tested them for about last two thousand kilometers and I think it’s time to share my experiences. Short version is: yes, I can recommend custom-made wheels, they are worth the money and Daveo has made great job. Need details? Let’s read!

Let’s start with the basics – why did I decide to change wheels? The Shimano set was solid, so far I have used the wheels of this company and had no problems with spokes or no hub. At the MTB race in Żary the XT wheels have shown that they can be extremely tough. So, what was the reason? I just wanted to try something different, lighter and better suited to my riding. Cusom-made wheels were supposed to match everything I needed.


Hubs: DT 350 CenterLock Road 11s +adapter for 10s

Hoops: DT R460disc 28h

Spokes Pillar PSR TB2016 (24 front / 28 back)

Weight: about 1.6 kg

New wheels are much lighter than the previous ones. According to Shimano specification, old set weighed just over 2.1 kg. The new set with clamps is about 1.6 kg. Half a kilogram difference in case of weight that is rotated is very important for a bike. And it is felt. In the field I do not feel that much, but on the road, I’m faster than on a road bike – which was still much lighter than the present CX bike. Previously, I thought it was not worth the investment. Now, I think lighter wheels are worth the money, unless we’re obviously talking about some absurd amounts.

The great advantage of this type of wheel is the ability to use tires with different sizes. Currently, depending on the route, I use road tires 700x28c or cyclocross 700x35c. The wheels themselves, however, allow you to use yet another size: there is no problem with 700x25c or 700x38c, the only limitation may be the frame or fork for wider tires. Thanks to that, one set can serve me both for fast asphalt driving, calm hikes and cross-country madness.

Another plus is the strength of the wheels. The number of spokes for a road standard is high – 24 in the front and 28 in the back – but if we also consider offroad uasge, this is not a large number. It turned out that the spokes Pillar PSR TB2016 perform well. No problems with endurance or cracking, no centering problems and need to improve tension. Over 2000 km in different conditions and still doing everything well.

I can not fault the hubs of the DT 350 too. They combine many positive things. First, they use machine bearings – much easier to service than the Shimano still in use (although the strength of both types is a matter of debate). In the long run this can save some money. Secondly, they are compatible with the Centerlock standard brake discs, and that’s what I have. I did not have to replace the breake discs with the new ones by changing the wheels. Thirdly, the hub is indeed a quick release version, but it allows conversion to a rigid axle if I ever decide to change the fork or the entire frame. Fourth, finally, it is currently working on a 10s drive system, but allows for a more powerful 11s system. So far I do not anticipate such a change, but the road is open. As you can see, the possibilities are great.

These wheels, and in general, the DT 460disc rims are also compatible with the tubeless system. With a little time, will I be able to put on a sealing tape, a special type of tire, then put on tires without an inner tube, pour the milk and seal. This is a great advantage for me, because in the case of offroad bicycle a bit lower pressure is additional comfort. It will never be like MTB, but it will be more comfortable. And the problem of catching slippers will disappear, I will just go.

The last reason is prosaic. I just love how these wheels look like. This is not a big advantage, but black rims, black spokes and black hubs fit well with the frame, which is also dark. Nowadays everything works without any problems, although I take my bike in different places and I do not spare it. As will continue – I will probably report to you after the winter.

4 thoughts on “Daveo custom-made CX wheels – review

  1. The R460db rims are really great (and nicely inexpensive) rims. I am using them with some Formula hubs on my gravel & commuter bike. I am using them tubeless; these are some of the easiest rims to setup tubeless in my experience. I use Schwalbe 30mm G-One Speed and 40mm G-One Allround mostly depending on what I’m doing. Definitely try tubeless. In addition to tires for better off-road performance, the Schwalbe Pro One road tubeless tires are really nice for pavement.

      1. Hi Łukasz, the big volume (40mm) version does ok in sand — not great, but probably just a factor of tire size rather than tread pattern. It definitely is not a good tire for slippery mud riding conditions, but it does do very well with wet roads (pavement). So I think it’s a very good tire for riding on mixed surfaces. I put my set back on this morning and enjoyed riding through the trails in the woods on the way to work. It is a very fast rolling tire, so it won’t make the commute home (on just pavement) feel much slower. This is by far my favorite mixed-surface tire.

  2. Hm.. I use Continental Speed 35c, but it isn’t good solution for wet sand or wet gravels. “Diamond” tread quickly clogs up and I have then something like “slicks” :) Looking for something better for mixed conditions.

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