Say goodbye to Google Analytics

This time it will be really small announcement: I decided to remove Google Analytics from my blog. It allowed me to show visitors info, but in reality, I’ve never need such data. The price was high: Google was able to collect information about my visitors… Now think, it’s too big price and will not use such tool anymore, your privacy is more important than any charts in Google apps.

Vue – Provide & Inject

If you visit my blog regularly, you probably know, that I really like Vuex in Vue. It’s amazing tool, that allows us to solve a lot of issues with data flow, it also allows us to organize and clean code. But sometimes, Vuex is too big tool to use. For small apps, small pages, we probably do not need such “engine”. I think even in such cases, we should use it, because our app can get much bigger in the future, but for many people, it’s not necessary and maybe redundant. This post is about Provide & Inject pattern in Vue – it’s similar to Vuex in many times, but do not require any additional tools, it’s build-in into Vue core.

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It’s time to stop using Facebook


At the end of last year, I wrote that I decided to close my Strava account and described why. In that post I mentioned that I have future plans, to also leave Facebook. After more than month I can say, it has become, and I do not use this social media anymore. I will still use it in very limited way, because it has several advantages, but nothing more. This post is about why I decided to do that and what’s wrong with social media like Facebook. You don’t need to be aware of it, but they have very negative impacts on our lives and in last months, it’s very clear visible.

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Why I removed my Strava account

Strava No More

It was strange year for all of us. Of course, the most because of a pandemic, but it was strange also in other areas. This year changes my perception of many things: I lost focus on sport competition, I focus on personal development and my own plans, it was great. One of the most important things – for me – was to say “goodbye” to Strava. Yes, I decided to remove my Strava account, all activities data, all my KOMs, comments, pictures etc. and do not back anymore. Why? This post is about the reasons for this decision. Some of them may be strange to you, but I strongly encourage you to read – it may give some food for thought.

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MTB to gravel bike conversion

Giant XTC Advanced Gravel Edition

Finally, I decided to write about my strange experiment – convert MTB bike to gravel. I rode MTB and liked that few years ago, but after a crash during one of the competitions, I completely lost my enthusiasm to that kind of bikes. I tried MTBs few times during these years, but always said “no, it is no it”. Last year (2019) I bought a very nice 27.5” MTB bike from second hand. Rode it a few times and again said no, but… that time was different. I liked that bike very much and decided, it can be excellent git for my girlfriend. She didn’t have bike, and we looked for something for some time. It was the beginning of that conversion history.

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