Why I get up early

As I wrote in many posts before, I work remotely. It has a lot of benefits and I will write about them (and also about drawbacks) in one of future posts. One of these advantages is fact, that I don’t have to get up early, preparing and go to work. It’s true but… I still get up early, very early according to many people who know me. What time do I do this, why I do this, and why should you try this even if you work remotely? This post is about these things. Probably many people will prefer getting up later, but I think, it’s bad idea.  

Ok, you can try, what time do I get up usually, considering that I work remotely? At 7 am? No. At 6 am? Still, no. Earlier?! Yes, at 5 am, and in spring and summer probably I will get up even earlier, about 4:30 am. When I talk about that, many people say me: man, you are crazy, why do you do that, why don’t you sleep longer? Hm… probably, we sleep very similar time during the whole day. I sleep about 7 hours so…. Yes, I not just get up early, but also, go to sleep early, about 10 pm. I’m not “night owl” and I don’t like night activity: watching movies or read books very late, in night. I also can’t work efficiently during night: tried that, but it doesn’t work in my case.  

It’s time for me

So, if I get up early, do I also start my remote work very early? No and it’s the most important part of this post. This time between getting up and starting work (about 8 am) it’s time for me, only me. I decided, that it’s the best way to be in a healthy, good balance: remote work is great, but many people can’t find the Golden mean between work and personal time. It’s my way about this problem. In this time, I can do anything I want for myself without fear that I won’t find time for it later – because of work, I maybe I will be too tired and without strength. It’s super important, because in other case, we can feel, that we devote our whole life, all our strength only for work, and life passes too fast. I don’t want to realize in a few years, that it’s too late for many, many interesting things. Work is never worth it. 

Ok, we know when I get up and why, but… what do I do in the morning, before work? Many things. You can suspect, that I make workouts, run or ride bike but… You miss. I don’t train in the morning, try to always find time for that after work: when my mind is tired, but body wants movement and effort. One exception is stretching. I make this about 15-20 minutes every day immediately after getting up. It allows me to prepare body for day, relieves running problems.   

Stretching and meditation

Second thing is mediation. I do it every morning, but in other way. One time is a breathing workout, based on my Polar Vantage M option called Syrene. Second time I make meditation when I thank for all good things in my life and in last days. It’s very important, because can make me not only quieter, but also allows me to remember about all good things. After that, I often feel happier before meditation. I really recommend this, because it’s very simple and allows us to enjoy everyday life, without any big experiences. I already wrote a separate post about mediation and you can find it on that page. 

Third thing is reading books. Last year I realized, that love to reading for years, but I didn’t have time for that – because of work, because of workouts etc. It was stupid, because I don’t need a hour to read, don’t have to find a lot of time. Now I read about 15 to 35 minutes every morning without issues. Of course, it’s not the same as reading half a day, but in this situation, it’s more than enough. I can enjoy books, I can improve myself, I can discover new things and new knowledge, and it’s ok. Still thinking, buying Kindle was the best decision about buying electronic device I ever made.  

Great time to self improvement

What about rest of time? It’s for improving myself. It’s time to write blog posts (yep, I write this post in the morning!), it’s time to make a course about new technologies that I can then use in my work, it’s time to read interesting blogs about self-improving, sport, health and developers news. After that all things, I can start work: still fresh, but happy because I’ve already made a lot of things… and it’s just a beginning of the day! 

And one additional thing – this picture from post. I made it about six years ago. In the morning, about 7 am, after about one hour of walking. It was worth it.