Why I blocked comments on many websites

Last time I decided to block comments on many, many frequently vivited webistes. Block and disable from view. Why? It’s simple. I just felt tired of reading haters comments… Yes, it’s today Internet big problem, that people can’t diccuss without emotions. We can have completely different view on some topic, but for some people it’s to difficult to understand. So, I decided to significantly reduce my internet activity and take it as therapy :)

In the past, it was not a problem for me. I had a lot of free time to read articles, read comments, diccuss with people and defend my opinions. But the times is not war, times are always changing. I have no a lot of free time now, I work, I learn new things and train on bikes… And I have no power to still defend my position, write a lot of comments, replies, describe my point of view. It has no sense. I’ve worked as two websites editor about three years and it was great time – that time allows me to improve grammar and writing skills, meet new people and test a lot of gadgets. But.. “the dark side” of that work was a lot of haters. Nobody is perfect, I am also not perfect and make mistakes, sometimes a lot of mistakes. But very aggresive “feedback” is not good receipt to improve other skills. It doesn’t work. Finally, few days ago I decided to give up and I will not write new articles or feuilletons on popular polish IT websites. Of course, it isn’t only polish problem.

The problem is that people take the opinions of others to yourself and treat as an attack. I can say: Windows is crap, iOS is bad or maybe Audi can’t make great cars. But… It’s only my option, nobody else. When someone says or writes something like that, we should not react – that person only expresses his opinion and it doesn’t change our. If we do not have any complexes, we know, that we don’t have to defend our point of view. We can change it because of discussions or new experiences, but we don’t have to. Many people have a lot of problems with that and use emotions… I can’t discuss in that way, so I decided to stop. But it isn’t enough. I also decided to “hide” comments on popular pages. Use adblockers not only for ads, but also for comments sections. And you know what? Life is easier! :)

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