From Android to iOS – few months later

I used to use Android and it was so for many years and many different devices. In most cases it was something from Nexus series: Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 or Nexus 5. Why? Because software has been delivered directly from Google, with instant updates without other companies additional layers and many unnecessary applications. But last year, last fall I decided to change everything… and replaced Android phone to iPhone 7. I also replaced Android tablet to iPad Mini 4 two months later. What can I say after few months with iOS? Is this system better, or worst than Android? Can I do the same things faster, or slower? I can explain my experiences and invite you to comment and describe yours.


Most important thing is stability. iOS just works, without strange issues, without “application not responding”, without reloading main screen, without problems with dialing etc. Do not get me wrong – Android is ok, it’s well-developed and very successful operating system, but… I had a lot of issues. Fo example: I used to use Strava or Endomondo on phone to track my sport activities and record trips. But EMUI on Honor/Huawei Android devices can’t run such apps in background. One hour, maybe longer, but after that app crashed… Results gone.. And I was confused. Also Google, clear Android and Google apps can cause problems. There was no such thing in a few months on iOS. It just works.

Battery life

Second – much better battery life. What capacity does the iPhone 7 battery have? Less than 2000 mAh… on device with 4,7” HD display and very, very fast hardware. Is it madness? No. With my usage, it can work longer than similar Android device with 3000 mAh battery. How is it possible? I’m not sure, but think that is because of system. Apps on iOS can’t run in background, but just refresh data in intervals (something like on Windows Phone) based on app usage. We can also disable that refresh on every app and battery drain is not possible. It’s not possible also with apps like Messenger or Facebook. I must use light replacements on Android, here is not possible, but also not necessary.


Apple devices are also very fast. There is iPhone 6 (non S) in my family and it’s also very fast in all daily tasks – browsing internet, run several apps, use mail and sometimes office-related software. I know, this is nothing terrible for hardware but… playing games? Sorry, I don’t have time for games and I don’t like them. Somthing “professional”? Don’t be crazy, it’s just phone or tablet… something to fast contact with others, fast content consumption, not something to create content. And I know, many, many Android devices is very fast but… iOS is still faster and has smooth animations. It also has incredible fast JavaScript engine in Safari browser. I made some tests and sorry, mobile Chrome can’t win in any case. It’s important, because many websites are now slow because a lot of inefficient JavaScript.

Synchronization with other devices

I use not only iPhone and iPad, but also MacBook with MacOS and synchronization between all these devices is great thing. iCloud can’t compete with Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive – it doesn’t allow us to share files… really. But it’s great to share data between one person devices – photos, music, books, documents, app settings, backups. I can also send SMS or call from my computer if it uses the same Wi-Fi as the phone. And I know, that is also possible with third-party apps on Android but again… on iOS, it just works. On Android it works… sometimes – that are my experiences with many different apps. I also like build-in social integration in MacOS and iOS. I can share new posts, photos etc. on Facebook and sync events from Facebooks without official app, because I can add appropriate account in system settings (another thing similar to Windows Phone).

Support and updates

Important thing is updates. Maybe not for casual users, they don’t know what they use, but for me, it’s important. Because of security, and because I want support if I paid for something. On Android it’s big mistake for many years – only Nexus or Pixel owners receives regular updates (but also, on limited time), but sometimes that updates can broke something important and users must wait for new one. Apple has only few devices, so update process is faster and simpler. They can slow down older devices with new updates, but three or four years with updates.. it’s still much better than on Android. It’s also safer for our data – build-in encryption and fixes for discovered bugs it’s important, because we use mobile banking, use social networks and read sensitive data in mobile devices often than before.

No personalization

Ok, but what about wrong sides? There are not many. Ok, Apple devices are expensive, very expensive in Poland and not worth of price if we compare only hardware with Android devices (but great hardware without great software is still…). We can’t personalize system, can’t change many thing in easy way – for example fast connection to Wi-Fi, there is also no notification grouping, no file manager, we can’t share files between apps, can’t use other browser engine than Safari, can’t use NFC, notification LED and many, many things… For me, it isn’t big issue, because it isn’t important. One mistake is touch keyboard. That build-in from Apple can’t predict words in polish and has only limited correction for that language. I use SwiftKey, but it much worse than the Android version. And I can’t find everything better… Maybe it’s time to write only in english and train every day?

In conclusion… iOS is for me (FOR ME) great and much more efficient than Android. It has weaknesses, but there are more strengths. These few months were… boring? Yes, boring, because I did’t use USB cable to connect phone or tablet to computer, I didn’t flash custom ROMs, use root or search solutions for strange issues. I know, that many people can say something completely different, that iOS is frustrating and they prefer Android. And it’s ok, we should use what is good for us, not for others. I use iOS now, but it doesn’t mean, that I will use it always – many new Android devices are great, and Apple develops relatively slow. Nothing is certain and one day I can decide to go back to Android.