Crud Roadracer mk3 mudguards – Quick review

The real tough guys do not use mudguards in the bike, right? It’s not true. If we go for sport, of course they will be disturbed, but in many cases they are a rescue not only for us, cyclists but also for our equipment. Riding in the mud is not pleasant, just like spending time mainly cleaning the bike instead of actual riding. In the autumn, I decided to fight with bad weather and bought a mudguards set – Roadracer mk3 from Cud. The choice was not easy, because I use cyclocross bike, so assembly would not be the easiest, and the range of tires used was quite wide. After all, I think it was great solution.

I was encouraged by the movie of one of Polish cycling youtubers, called VegeReggae. He described his impressions of the Crud Roadracer mk3 and recommended this model. Advantages were: easy assembly, good protection for cyclist and bike and also the ability to use tires up to a maximum size of 700x35c. Good reviews have also been confirmed in other places of the internet. What could I do? Only order, check this in practise and write this post to describe my impression.

Mounting these mudguards is actually straightforward, although at first it may seem strange. In the set we get two exact same panels. One is placed on the front, the other on the back. The whole is mounted on … turnips. Yes, really, turnips, like on small boots for children. However, these are notturnips, as we know from clothes. In case of thesemudguards we have a very solid connection, as long as we follow the manufacturer’s advice – first we need to thoroughly clean the fork arms and the rear triangle of the frame. Then degrease them with the included cloths. Last but not least, glue sticking. If we did everything correctly, removal of these turnips will be very, very hard to do. If this is not sufficient for someone, we can always use also small zippers.

Driving Impressions? These mudguards are great. Very well protect both the bike drive and me against mud andother crap. Panels are long, which makes them well covered both front and back. As promised by the manufacturer, they can also be used with 700x35c tires, although it is important to admit that if they have clearer pads, the mudguards can sometimes make noises: the assembly is solid, but they still work a bit (moving), resulting in a slight scratch. Of course, when driving through the holes and unevenness, the sounds are clearer. In the case of asphalt and the use of narrower tires (700x28c) we do not have to worry about any unpleasant noise, everything is ok.

Another drawback: I was somewhat afraid of is their endurance – they are plastic and it has advantages, but it also has disadvantages. During slight accident one of them was contorted. I wanted to straighten it and unfortunately the plastic in one place did not stand it – in effect the front cover must be glued. This is not a huge draw for me, because it should be always used in pairs, and it was an unusual situation with my mistake, but the connection could be a bit stronger. Overall, I am very happy and I can recommend these mudgards set to anyone looking for something to road or cyclocross bike.

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