You should rotate meetings facilitator

To be honest, I was not a big fan of SCRUM even two years ago. Everything changed after Professional Scrum Master course and exam. I understood, I did not like not SCRUM, but quasi-SCRUM monster created in company… Yeah, it was our first approach and it was definitely not a proper way. Right now I see this from completely different perspective and really like this framework, I even use it in some personal goals and plans. It does not mean, I do not like experiments, especially because official SCRUM guide does not prohibit them. One of ideas is to rotate meetings facilitator. I think this idea is great and you should try it

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PhpStan: improve your code quality

Manual code review is a hard task and everyone who tired that, probably will agree – it is because this method requires time, involves even several people and do not provide success, because anyone can just complain and do not agree. Fortuantely we can use additional tools like static code analyzers: they can check our codebase and inform us about any issues to avoid bugs before we will push something to production. In this post I would like to briefly describe PhpStan – one of great PHP static analyzers. It open source, completely free tool we can use to improve our codebase quality.

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Recovering files on Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud is a complex and very powerful platform. One of its components is Cloud Storage – based on buckets, a place where we can store files. It supports a lot of options like files versioning, saving metadata, generating signed URLs for downloading/pushing files etc. One of the most problematic options is data recovery: if you check Google Console, you will not see any option to do that. Does it mean we cannot recover deleted files? Fortunately, it is possible, but a bit tricky. Trick post is to explain how to do that.

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WSL – Reclaiming Storage Space

I’ve been a big fan of WSL ever since it came out – that to this solution, I can work daily with Windows, in my opinion the best and the most flexible OS, and still have all Linux advantages and a bit isolated work environment. Of course, WSL is not perfect and have some issues. One of them is taking up disk space. During our work, the size of the WSL file will become larger and larger. It will happen even if we will decide to jump into Linux distribution and remove a lot of unnecessary files. Fortunately, there is a quick solution – we can use diskpart includes in Windows to reclaim some space.

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