MTB Kaczmarek Rydzyna – faster than many MTB bikers :)

First stage of MTB Kaczmarek Electric series – first and last for me, because I gave up driving MTB – it’s not my world :) But… Rydzyna in Mini edition was very, very fast and simple – it’s flat route for beginners, without many hills and descents (only ~120 m up!). I decided to start using my CX bike and it was good decision – I was faster than many, many of MTB bikers :) Of course it’s becasue of terrain – on difficult route, my result would probably be worse… But.. maybe not? Uraz Cross Bike showed, that CX bike can be very fast – all depends on our condition. For many participants, it it was the beginning of the season. For me it was the fourth competition in a month…

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