Experiment: no web browser and mail client on smartphone


I really like books about psychology, about human behavior researches and the impact of technical innovations on our lifes. Similar to other people, I use computer and smartphone, but also like make small “experiments” with them. The newest one is I think the most interesting one: I decided to remove two “core” apps from my smartphone. Web browser and mail client. Yes, these two apps. Why? Because I work remotely, I work as a software developer and I use computer almost all day. It’s stupid to move from computer to… use them same things, but on smartphone. I’ve already disabled all notifications, I really like minimalism, but this is something new for me.

I will write more information about that experiment in next posts and inform you, about progresses and advantages/drawbacks of that solution. I started… almost week ago. Yeah, it was supposed to be very small test for few days, but during it, I decided to extend that period to… probably indefinite. I see too many benefits for such small change, but will write about them on next posts, stay tuned and write, what do you think about that idea!

Bieg Charytatywny dla Karoliny

It was charity run in Legnica, one of the biggest cities in Lower Silesia, Poland. We ran to help Karolina – 24-years old, she has a cancer and fight to live. All proceeds from the registration fee were allocated to her treatment. Run was very nice: on city park of Legnica, and for me, very, very fast: I made my personal record. Absolute speed was a little smaller than on last run on Polkowice, but there was longer distance, so, it’s progress.

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

I work as a software developer and very often must solve big, difficult problems. In most cases, first look at the problem is: “what a crap, it’s impossible to do this!”. But it isn’t true, there are no impossible things. I always take a step back, wait a moment and try to see only one or few parts of issue. Now it’s much simpler. This is divide and conquer principle. Very useful not only in IT, but also on whole live, if you know how to use it.

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USB-C hub for MacBook: difficult choice


Apple redesigned MacBooks in 2016 and since then, these notebooks offers only two types of ports: USB-C with Thunderbolt 3, and audio jack. Most of us have a lot of devices with older, but still great and just enough USB-A port. Also, we sometimes need to connect other devices like LAN for network, external display or SD card. Apple called their devices “Pro”, but it isn’t for professional with such limits in very important matter. I use MacBook Pro 15 2018 and also had troubles with that. Notebook offers four, very advanced and high-bandwitch Thunderbolt 3 ports (do you know, that it can be used to connect external graphics card called eGPU to computer?), but it’s not simple, because I would have to exchange all my devices. Bad a solution, so it’s time to looking for USB-C hub with additional ports like USB-A and Ethernet.

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Wyprawa: Zamek Grodziec

Tak się składa, że mieszkam na Dolnym Śląsku… co prawda na północnych granicach, ale jednak wciąż w tym województwie, które słynie z licznych zamków które w lepszym bądź gorszym stanie przetrwały zawieruchę najróżniejszych lat. W ubiegłym roku nieco przypadkowo odwiedziłem jeden z nich, a mianowicie zamek Grodziec położony w miejscowości o takiej samej nazwie. Wyprawa w jaką się wtedy wybierałem w ogóle nie przewidywała czegoś takiego, niesamowicie dała mi w kość, ale wiecie co? Zdecydowanie było warto w pewnym momencie skręcić z wytyczonej wcześniej trasy i przekonać się o pięknie zarówno miejsca jak i widoków jakie się z niego roztaczają.

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