Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

I work as a software developer and very often must solve big, difficult problems. In most cases, first look at the problem is: “what a crap, it’s impossible to do this!”. But it isn’t true, there are no impossible things. I always take a step back, wait a moment and try to see only one or few parts of issue. Now it’s much simpler. This is divide and conquer principle. Very useful not only in IT, but also on whole live, if you know how to use it.

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USB-C hub for MacBook: difficult choice


Apple redesigned MacBooks in 2016 and since then, these notebooks offers only two types of ports: USB-C with Thunderbolt 3, and audio jack. Most of us have a lot of devices with older, but still great and just enough USB-A port. Also, we sometimes need to connect other devices like LAN for network, external display or SD card. Apple called their devices “Pro”, but it isn’t for professional with such limits in very important matter. I use MacBook Pro 15 2018 and also had troubles with that. Notebook offers four, very advanced and high-bandwitch Thunderbolt 3 ports (do you know, that it can be used to connect external graphics card called eGPU to computer?), but it’s not simple, because I would have to exchange all my devices. Bad a solution, so it’s time to looking for USB-C hub with additional ports like USB-A and Ethernet.

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Wyłącz powiadomienia i uwolnij się

Od jakiegoś czasu posługuję się smartfonem, tabletem czy przeglądarką na komputerze w nieco niekonwencjonalny sposób. Oczywiste jest, że obecnie każde z nich pozwala nam na instalowanie wielu aplikacji, a te mogą wysyłać nam najróżniejsze powiadomienia – komunikatory o wiadomościach, klient poczty o nowym mailu, kalendarze o terminach, a sieci społecznościowe o nowych wydarzeniach, polubieniach czy komentarzach. A co by było, gdyby… nic nie było? Gdyby nagle wszystkie te powiadomienia zupełnie zniknęły?

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