About me

My name is Łukasz…

Yes, this is the page that no one likes to fill… But, why? Describe yourself can be difficult only when we do not know who we are and what do we want to achieve. I’m always-young man from Poland. In the old, ancient times I was a bit closed for other people and shy, but… not know. I would like to disocver life and the world every day. Every! From the first contact with computers I am their enthusiast, which turned into passion, and also the main occupation. But computers are not whole world.

It would be really terrible. I like… no, I love cycling. Both road bikes and MTB. I do not know from when, but it started years ago, then disappeared and two, three years ago revived like a phoenix from the ashes. It’s freedom, it’s speed and a lot of fun. Both alone and with others. I like train, see new places and fight with weaknesses. It’s difficult to say, but I hated sport few years ago…but I was really “big man”. Now life is much, much better and I can recommend some revolutions to anyone.

What else? I like reading and listening books – that second method is now for me most common, because I can merge it with other activities. I like military-political thrillers and sci-fi (battles in the stars, what a beautiful idea!), but also try other kinds of books. Music? Synthwave is best, I’m retro fan and very like music from “old” movies and music based on similar ideas. I’m interested in personal development, use agile principle not only in software development, but also on real life – I have only one chance, one life, so I can’t waste it :)