About me and this blog

My name is Łukasz…

Yes, this is the page that no one likes to fill… But, why? Describe yourself can be difficult only when we do not know who we are and what do we want to achieve. From the first contact with computers I am their enthusiast, which turned into passion, and also the main occupation. I’m proud IngeniousIO developer and can change the world by my work!

I love cycling. Road bikes, gravel bikes and cyclocross. It’s freedom, it’s speed and a lot of fun. Both alone and with others. I like train, see new places and fight with weaknesses. It’s difficult to say, but I hated sport few years ago… I was really “big man”. Now life is much, much better and I can recommend some revolutions to anyone.

The story of this blog is long and full of changes. I started that project in 2008 and in the beginning wrote posts about various experiences from using computer software. I changed concept and plans for this blog many times – make it public, private, wrote only about gadgets, wrote only personal posts… I can’t count now all that changes made in last years. At the beginning of 2017 I decided to start again, but completely different. Blog has been changed to english-only and merge to various topics. You can read my posts about:

  • website/software development
  • servers configuration
  • Windows / Linux / MacOS tips & tricks
  • cycling and my bike trips
  • personal reflections about life, IT influence
  • hardware/software reviews